Adapting to stress in 3 simple steps

  • Alarm: Fight or Flight
    • Are you going to face the causation or give in and quit?
      • For example:
        •   If your schoolwork is the cause will you schedule more time for studying OR say “Screw IT” and not complete the assignment.
  • Resistance
    • Deny the stress by creating ways to manage and eliminate the cause.
        • Sometimes when I am stressed instead of dwelling on it, I create a new task to take my mind off of it.


  • Exhaustion and early aging if stress persists
    • Your body loses the effort to fight or respond to stress
      • Find ways such as going on a walk, working out at the gym, or watching your favorite movie/show
    • Your body simply ages as the stress manifests
      • The more stress the less your body can deal with it causing  “biopsychosocial” illnesses



Factors presented by : Hanes Selye (1907-1982)

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