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Dasani Aqua ELi

Why Rap?

I chose to become an artist around 12, when I was in seventh grade. It was never anything serious, just some dumbass lyrics that rhymed. In high school I released a diss song with my collective, SWEY, which ended up getting a few thousand views on YouTube. From there on I ran with the rap shit to be honest.
My biggest influences as an artist are definitely early Mac Miller, like KIDS and shit, and Lil Wayne when he was in the booth off of a pint of lean, freestyling with his eyes closed. It sounds stupid I know, but the fact that someone could be that good really pushed me to try . I’m also influenced by the local talent around me, especially my fellow members of SWEY. The competitive nature of the group pushes us as well. Victor Still, CEO of ROSE, has also been  a major influence in pursuing my dream by showing me that positive energy released into the world will bring positive energy back on you. He’s  really pushed me to be myself.
I’m 22.
Favorite song right now?
My favorite song of all time is definitely Stand by me. The original one by Ben E. King, not one of the dumbass remixes they made after the movie came out. Fun fact, Stand by me is my favorite movie too. My favorite song at this very millisecond is Supreme Hoodies by Lil Mosey. I think that kid is only 15 or 16.
Favorite Super Villain?
My favorite Super Villain is The joker from the dark knight, Heath Ledger. Dude was literally psychotic, when I saw him burn that billion dollar money pile it changed my perspective on the world. Some people are literally bat shit crazy. Is it cool if I curse on here? My bad
Plans this year?
My plans for this year are to release hella music and visuals for my fans. I want to headline at least 4 venues and reach our goal of at least 1 million total plays on SoundCloud. I would also love to travel to a foreign country this year, since Canada is the only place out of the country I’ve been.
More love. Less Hate.


IG: @dollarsigneli

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